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Avec cette étude, disposez d'un décryptage sur l'impact du COVID-19 dans le secteur « Banque et assurance »

The European Retail Banking Industry: the market

  • The medium-term and mega trends of the industry market developments and geographical segments
  • The competitive landscape and the main corporate rankings
  • The main conclusions of our report, summarised in 10 analytical slides

Parue le 08/10/2018 -

126 pages

Réf : 8XABF01 / GLO

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2Plan de l'étude
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1 Présentation de l'étude

Exclusive extracts from this 125-page-long report:

- What is the business?

Retail banks make a crucial contribution to overall economic activity by financing investments, consumption, and exports. Their main activities include financial intermediation, i.e. the issuing of loans using customer deposits, as well as other basic financial products and services such as current and savings accounts; payment methods; and other financial products that cater to the needs of retail customers. […]

- What are the main markets?

Leading economies in Europe – Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Spain – have the largest banking sectors in terms of total assets, number of customers, and lending activity. Accordingly, Europe's leading retail banks mostly originate from these countries, although they significantly vary in terms of size, portfolio mix and geographical scope. [...]

- Who are the key players?

The European retail banking industry is fairly fragmented, with banking groups usually operating in a limited number of countries. At the end of 2017, the top 10 banking groups analysed in this report held an estimated 21% of the total assets held by European banks. Universal banking groups, which conduct highly diversified operations across retail, investment and private banking—such as HSBC, BNP, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, RBS and Société Générale—stand out among leading European players. [...]

- How intense is competition?

Competitive rivalry in the European retail banking sector has significantly intensified in recent years as banks have had to deal with several regulatory changes as well as new technologies that have reduced customers' switching barriers while also opening up the market to a new class of online competitors and financial technology start-ups (fintechs). [...]

2 Plan de l'étude

0. Conclusions

1. Market Fundamentals

1.1. Glossary

1.2. Overview

1.3. The Industry

2. Market Environment and Prospects

2.1. Market Overview

2.2. Macroeconomic Environment

2.3. Money Supply and Demand

2.4. Industry Structure

3. Corporate Strategies and Competition

3.1. Competitive Environment

3.2. Leaders' Recent Performances

3.3. Structure of Competition

3.4. Corporate Strategies

4. Case Studies

5. Statistical Appendix

6. Sources

7. Annexes

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